Saturday, June 27, 2009

Visuals from Drydock

Rather than sit here and whine about how icky drydock is, I decided to post some pictures, 'cause as you know, a picture is worth a thousand words.

This first one is where they've removed a supporting block to do metal work underneath it. They can't remove more than one of these at a time, or we'd risk structural damage to the ship from, well, almost like cracking the spine of a book.

The one on the right is the focs'le...with a lovely view of the Waianae coast. I particularly like the two toilets sitting on the gun grate :)

Oh, and this is the sound locker between aft berthing and the engine room...there's supposed to be a deck there.

A lot of these pictures are places where the hull has been cut away to remove bad metal, and you can see through what should be the skin of the ship to the outside...a very uncomfortable feeling. Usually when there's holes in the ship, it means you're taking on water. Not such a good thing.

This one in particular is back in aft berthing, where eight guys live and sleep underway. It's a little cockeyed; the bulkhead on the bottom left of the picture is the aft bulkhead in the space.

The next photo is the deck drain in the Chief's head (bathroom). The yard guys needlegunned around the drain to take away bad metal and rust, and ooops, well, let's just say, the water will drain more easily, but it won't be going to the gray water tank.

Next is the exterior view from the stern. Lots of stuff sitting around the ship.

And then there's the rest of the Chief's head...with a new "air conditioning vent" installed.

Here's some action photos: metal being cut out and bad metal being grinded (ground?) away.

Crap...that's not from the shipyards. I got my toes painted nice and pretty yesterday.

And then we've got the sewage tank, with all it's right repairs. I think they've got one or two more things to do in other spaces that interfere with putting the plating back on this spot.

I don't remember if they're coming or going with the plating here. And there's our scrap metal heep. Chief told me there's another, larger one that's chock full. We are gonna recycle it, and get some money for the ship's morale program.

So that's a tour of the shipyards. Aren't you glad you came for a visit?


Just a Girl said...

Well, that didn't turn out quite like I wanted it to. Some of the photos aren't next to their captions. I hope it's not too confusing.

Jane said...

they're fine. you're right, pictures are worth a 1000 words. are these recent? will they ready by Sept.?

Just a Girl said...

I took these on Friday...and then left for the day because I was sad about the shape the ship was in.

We're still on track for sometime in September. It's lots of fire watches and metal work right now. Things will get really busy at the beginning of August when they start to put stuff back together in preparation to refloat.