Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hilo Veteran's Day Parade

I have *no idea* why the text is underlined today.

KISKA participated in Hilo's Veteran's Day Parade yesterday. We didn't have a float really, just the small boat with two guys dressed in rescue swimmer gear and two in cox'n/boat crew gear. Many thanks to SN Brian "Monty" Montero for taking all the great pictures.

This first picture is, from left to right, EM1 Jamie Peltier, BM3 Brian Goracke, SN Mike McKinstry (in orange wet suit), ET2 Chris Konyha, MK2 Moises "Rev" Arevalo, GM2 JR Stenzel, FN Ryan O'Connor, and SN Ryan Andres (also in orange wet suit). We got to the staging area pretty early, and then had to hang around for a while as the parade got going. We were maybe about 2/3 of the way through.

Close up of SN McKinstry and SN Andres, dressed as rescue swimmers. They were a great hit with the crowds.
MK3 Allen Edwards (in the truck), and XO, LTJG Frank Reed threw shakas and smiles all morning long.
The crowds were friendly, waving and clapping.
FN O'Connor and MKC Greg Tarker stroll along on the starboard side.
EM1 Peltier and MK2 Arevalo enjoyed the ride in the small boat. While neither of them are cox'ns, they played pretty convincing roles during the parade.
The Kea'au Middle School group was right behind us. They chanted and whooped and hollered nice and loud for the whole two miles.
My cheeks hurt from smiling so big for the entire parade.

I like this shot of FN O'Connor with the big huge flag in the background. The City had big cherry-picker trucks on either side of the road, with a line strung between them, and the flag suspended over the parade route.
SN McKinstry, wishing he was surfing.

I think this was the VFW Float. They had lots and lots of American flags flying.More flags.

The parade was a lot of fun. It was nice to get out in town and see all the support we, the military in general, and veterans have from the community.


John said...

The underlining is caused by a code error. The code for the link on the photo above it is not closed until the end spot where the underline stops.

Just a Girl said...

John, Thanks for the insight. I'm probably still a Luddite at heart, knowing just enough about computers to be able to get done what I need to do.

JulieAnn said...


I know when we were there, the KISKA "marched" in the Merrie Monarch parade. They handed out pens and CG cups (big hits).

Also, the Navy League was helpful in decorating the truck :)

Debbie said...

Hi "I'm Just A Girl"! I'm so happy to have found your really cool blog site! My son is scheduled to graduate from Cape May boot camp on 11/24/09 and his first assignment is the CGC Kiska! (We live on Oahu.) So, I immediately started researching. He asked me to help him look for a place to live. Can you give me some insight on this? Is it true that the crew members have to find their own housing out in the community, rather than a barracks-type situation? If so, do you have any suggestions on where to start looking? I don't think he'll have much time between graduation and reporting for duty. Of course, I'm totally new to this (obviously). But, he's really excited about getting over there - so, I'm really happy for him!

Just a Girl said...

I'm so looking forward to the Merrie Monarch. We should be in town for it. I especially like seeing all the paniolos and their horses dressed up.

Welcome to the KISKA team! I don't think I can answer all your questions here, but within the next few days, we'll be sending out a message to Cape May with information for your son about the unit, including who his sponsor is. His sponsor will be able to answer a lot of his questions about the details and logistics of his new assignment. We're looking forward to having him onboard.

Debbie said...

Thanks for your reply and the warm welcome! My son is just going to be in his element with you all on the Kiska. He's always loved the ocean, boats, fishing, swimming, etc. So, joining the Coast Guard seemed the natural thing for him to do. I'm sure we'll meet you one day. Take care, and thanks again!