Thursday, March 25, 2010

Grad School News

I got into U of MD!!

Mom called me when she got back from the mainland today and checked the mail. There was a letter there from the school. I said, "Open it, open it!" And she read me the acceptance letter.

I was waiting for an email, like the one I got from GWU a few weeks ago. But, no, they sent a hard copy letter. The funny thing is, I had Mom scan and email me the letter so I got it electronically anyway. I didn't want to wait until next week sometime when I got to pick up my mail from Oahu to actually see proof.

Whoohooo! And thanks again, Sis, for the help with reformatting and improving the application essay. Oh, and my letter of recommendation know who you are!

It's nice to have some better level of certainty about where I'm going this summer.


Anonymous said...

Congrats... but the blog's going anywhere right?

JWillis said...

Great news. Hope we'll be able to continue to follow your adventure via the blog.

I think Ryan meant "the blog's NOT going away right".

Anonymous said...

Thank you John... I did indeed mean NOT. ~R

Azulao said...

Like we thought you wouldn't!!!

Congratulations, you soon-to-be-overeducated so and so!

Let us know when you become the provost of Stanford -- oh wait, that means you'll be the Secretary of State one day!

CG said...

so, is there a summary somewhere of where you've been and where you plan to go? I can't seem to keep up. Congrats!

Just a Girl said...

About the blog...I'll try to keep it up. Obviously, the focus of it will likely change; no more fun sea and maintenance stories. But one of the things that I want to do for myself while I'm in grad school is to take the time to consider/solidify my outlook/philosophy on life, leadership, facing conflict and challenges and such. So while there might not be cool photos of swim calls and calm seas, I hope to keep going with the journey.

Azulao, I think you may be getting ahead of I'm done with this CG-gig, you'll likely find me on the farm, maybe with a part-time job tending bar :)

CG, what a great idea for a separate post...a little compilation of sea stories while telling about where I've been.

GSVDLLC said...

Came across your blog yesterday while looking for a CG site. So happens, my son is a BM2 aboard the Maui and at the end of his tour will be heading to the Kiska. I hope he serves under someone like yourself with such high regard for their shipmates. Rock On Coasties.

JulieAnn said...

How exciting! Congratulations :)

I hope you keep writing! And I definitely second CG's request.

Debbie said...

Congratulations! I'm SO happy for you - plus envious - also sad for all of us who have gotten used to enjoying your KISKA stories. I feel lucky to have been able to follow your adventures this far. Before you leave, maybe you could assign someone the duty of continuing the Kiska blogs. about SN Pasoquen? I know he won't appreciate my suggestion - but, coming from you, how could he refuse? :)