Monday, August 9, 2010

Notes From The Road

It's day 5 of the trip. I'm in Redding, CA trying to get some computer work done. My smart phone is good, but sometimes a full size screen and harddrive is nice. Let me say...Redding, CA has a *super* nice library!

When I left my sister's house outside of LA, I had plans to get to Big Sur that night. Well, not so much. I stayed in Taft, CA, and continued on the next day. The weather has been very changeable, from stupid hot to bone-chilling cold. It's been cold on the coast and in the mornings in the shade in the mountains. I'll put in a shameless plug for Fox Creek Leather, the folks who made my jacket. Once I got all the zippers zipped up right and the liner in, my core stayed well, warmer. But my hands still froze.

Other observances in somewhat random order:

--I dropped my bike. Figured it had to happen sometime, and what better time than when there were friends around to help. I was trying to get it out of its covered parking at Treebones (another shameless plug, for a beautiful yurt camping spot on the Big Sur Coast) and didn't quite make it through the turn. It tipped on me. My friend Rickey and his friend Super Dave helped me get it up right. I think Rickey may have taken advantage of the situation to ride the bike for a second. But he got it back onto solid ground for me, and nothing, besides my oh-s0-fragile pride, was hurt.

--I got stung by a bee on my neck the second day out...Sorry for reposting a bit from Facebook, but I cussed the bee until I realized it wasn't his fault. I'm the one who ran into his butt at 60 mph. It's not like he was flying at 65 mph and ran into me.

--I left the key in the bike last night. I was parked in front of my hotel room in Weaverville, and came out this morning, patted my pockets and couldn't find the darn thing. My neighbor, who was with his wife, was working on his bike out front and told me I had left the keys in the bike last night. Guh! Shit! He very kindly had taken them out of the ignition and put them in the saddle bag so no one would be tempted. He replaced them in the ignition this morning so I could find them again. Ooooh, bikers are so big and mean and scary :)

--I laugh out loud everytime I catch sight of my shadow while riding. I've got two braids (my hair doesn't stay in one braid well enough), and my shadow looks like some crazy biker Pippy Longstockings, with the braids flying out behind me. Haa haha.

--Northern California is a beautiful place. Of course I had always heard that, but it really is amazing. If you'll indulge me in a moment of cosmic consideration, I was riding along in the fog and grey until I reached the Mendicino County line. I had traveled that area before, up to Petaluma and a little know, riding down memory lane, especially on Hwy 1. But once I got to an area I hadn't been to yet, the fog cleared away and the sun came out. You think some crazy stuff after about four hours on the bike with no one to keep you company but yourself and the road.

--I renamed my bike. Rickey had asked me if I had named it, and I said yes, The Bitch. But then I decided that was a little too aggressive. I changed her name to Miss Daisy. You know, Driving Miss Daisy. I even drive like a granny :)

Alright, gotta get back on the road. At least to find a laundromat. And then, shooting for Lakeview, Oregon tonight.


Anonymous said...

Braids like Pippy Longstockings...GUFFAW. And you liked beef with the Pink Power Ranger comments.

Speaking of which, her name was Kim and she morphed into the following Zords:

Pterodactyl Dinozord
Firebird Thunderzord
Crane Ninjazord
White Shogunzord

So you should pick one of those names for the bike, because Miss Daisy is weak sauce for a Rock Star.

Holler at Eureka, CA and Lafayette Elementary School, which is where I started out my road to being a ring knocker :)

Just a Girl said...

Pippi is sooooo much cooler than freakin' Pink Power Ranger I don't even know where to start! Just looked it up...her horse didn't have a name, but was sometimes referred to as "Old Man"...which is a better name than Miss Daisy. Old Man it is.

Thanks for the comments, RS...they add plenny flair. And enjoy those bomb ass blueberry muffins!

Azulao said...

How about Badass Bitchin' Miss Daisy?

Because driving Miss Daisy is just too good.