Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mish Mash

Dear Blog,

I'm so sorry I've neglected you these last few weeks. I could try to use the excuse of holiday chaos, but it's been pretty low key here in Waialua. Or it was once I got that last take-home exam turned in on day two of being here. The only thing I can attribute my lack of attention to you is plain old laziness.You are still very important to me, and I think about you lots and lots, but I just don't know what to write about right now. Grad school, especially between semesters at grad school, does not offer the rich fare of stories and ponderances that shipboard life supports.

I have a few ideas for posts:
--an exploration of solitude versus loneliness. It may turn out to be an exercise in semantics, but I think there really might be something there, even if it is pretty intensely personal.
--why the phrase "structural integrity" is so important to me. I found myself using it in a totally new context just yesterday, and kinda surprised myself with the general applicability for my worldview.
--an "I <3 Waialua" photoessay. Need to take more pictures if I'm gonna do this one.
--the Lazy Girl's post: excerpts from a paper I wrote for my Moral Dimensions class last semester on the ethics of women in combat. Totally cliched, but there were some good points for exploration, especially within the context of how the CG approaches job-related gender concerns.
--Book reviews: I've read a bunch of good books lately (now that I have time to read *and* digest them, instead of just plowing through a reading assignment on to move quickly onto the next one...note to self: five classes with heavy reading loads was too much; totally different mentality from 15 hours a day on the bridge).

So, readers, what do you think? I'll try to get my next post up within a week or ten days. What should I write about?

--Just a Girl


Liomoana said...

I vote for the "Lazy Girl" post and a picture essay of Waialua after that. Maybe that one ought to be Waialua/Haleiwa. The topics all sound good. Happy writing

Azulao said...

Huh. I think a reflection on structural integrity might be interesting. And yes, some pics of Waialua!

Lena said...

Maybe if the choice comes up again I'd suggest "Sollitude versus Loneliness" it's like to Dive Deep! Whatever you chose I'm sure it turned out great!