Friday, February 3, 2012

The Final Countdown

I start work on Monday. My family and friends are sick of hearing me worry and fret and stress and ponder and otherwise over-analyze this new adventure. Or maybe it's that I'm sick of hearing myself do all those things. Six weeks of leave might have been too much time off, though I have to admit I've gotten *a lot* done.

So here's a little of what I've been doing before I go on whining about Monday.

--My kitchen is finally, well, not done, but a lot closer. It still needs to be painted. And cabinet handles and drawer knobs put on. But, BUT, there are no more gaping, floor to ceiling holes in the wall and the ceiling is not dropping little bits of plaster into my food and dishes anymore. It looks *amazing!* So for paint, I'm thinking a nice jewel-tone blue-violet? I might try green to match the curtains, but somehow that doesn't feel right. And, these pictures really don't do it justice.

--The windows in the house are (almost) all refurbished. Now they (almost) all have storm windows and screens and all the weights work so the windows stay up by themselves. I say almost because the guys weren't able to finish the last two in the master bedroom. They've got to come back. Drat!

--The crawl space waterproofing crew is scheduled to come out later in the month, after the termite treatment is done. Josh, from My Organic Garden, is coming out for an assessment next weekend. I'm hoping he'll sign on to help me with the garden this summer, figuring I'm not going to have an abundance of time to do it myself...never mind that I've got something of a brown thumb.

--And hopefully by the end of the day, the house will be clean, too. I'm waiting until the weatherproofing crew is done with some left over punch list items before I start on cleanups. Or is that just my excuse to be lazy and sit on the couch for a little longer? Kinda hard to tell.

---I went into Headquarters and took care of some initial admin stuff: getting my ID badge and parking pass, and getting my computer account transfer started. Hopefully that will make things go a little more smoothly on Monday.

And so I find myself back to talking about Monday. Anticipation is a bitch sometimes. I mean, sometimes it's looking forward to a first date with a cool guy or getting on an airplane to Hawaii for a month or breakfast after the 4-8s. Those are all nice anticipations. This one, however, has slightly more trepidation mixed in. 

I'm nervous. There, I said it, out loud, to god knows who. All of my friends I've said it to have been very kind and reassuring, that I'll do fine, that I'll settle in and end up kicking ass. Sure, that's how I'm hoping it comes out. But the not knowing what it's going to be like leaves so much room for my imagination to dream up all *kinds* of ways that I'm going to screw up...uniform malfunctions, etiquette and honors blunders, communication missteps, judgment errors (probably the scariest of all), social awkwardness, protocol ignorance, lack of basic knowledge...or even lack of the right knowledge at the right time...god, the list is endless.

I think I've finally convinced myself of my basic philosophy of treating everyone with respect, not being blinded and intimidated by a profusion of gold bands or bars and not passing personal judgment in a professional setting. I was going to add, "thinking before I speak," but I know that's probably (definitely) my stretch goal. It's something to strive for though, for certain :)

So that's what I'll spend my weekend pondering...trying to set those guidelines firmly in my head. And not tweaking too badly on all the rest.

GO GIANTS! But only because I don't want the Pats to win. I actually am still holding a grudge against Eli Manning for dissing San Diego in the draft. But anyone's better than seeing New England as the champions (see Frank...I'm overly predictable too).


Frank said...

go giants? you cut me deep C$. enjoy going back to work, i suppose i'm not too far behind, though i still haven't heard from the detailer.

Uncle Heathen said...

Colors: darker colors make rooms look smaller. Lighter colors do the opposite. But how much smaller can the kitchen be, anyway?