Friday, April 24, 2015

Time Management

This is a series of time management failures in short vignettes:

I finally made it down to the beach for sunrise this morning. It's something I've been meaning to do nearly every morning since I moved in almost 8 months ago, but there's always some excuse -- I have to go to work, my bed is too comfortable, it's too cold/windy/rainy outside. On my scrambling way out the door, I was able to drop two scoops of food in the Black and Whites' (my two cats, Lucy and Harry), because I had forgotten to feed them last night and they were circling like sharks as I walked through the kitchen. And it's not like the sunrise was completely earth shaking -- just a subtle-y gorgeous beginning to a new day. I even missed the moment when the sun actually broke the surface of the water. I glanced away and when I looked back, there it was, about a sixteenth already above the horizon.

When I got back to the house, I took advantage of the delightfully luxurious expresso machine Uncle Heathen gave me for Christmas (it was actually a little moment of serendipity -- I had decided before visiting him and my aunt for New Year's that I wanted to get a frother. When I mentioned it to him, he remembered he had one in the garage he had purchased a while back off the clearance shelf at Lowe's for $20 because it seemed like a good deal, but he had no intention of using. He was happy to pass it on, and I was thrilled to receive it. I love it when that happens!). While I was standing there holding the mug of milk up to the steam spout, I reached into the cabinet to see if I could find something to use as a platform so I wouldn't have to hold the mug and could go do something else while it worked its magic. Nothing fit, so there I stood, begrudging myself the three minutes it took to make myself a treat.

My dad reminded me about two weeks ago that it had been a while since I had written a new post, and he was bored with reading about the PATSUM. He's out on a Disney World trip, visiting Universal Studios today, and looking for places to relocate away from the harsh New England winters. Dad, I hope you and Sandee are having a wonderful trip! Say "hi" to Harry Potter for me :) And there I go again -- multitasking by using my blog to communicate with family instead of sending them an email.

Speaking of multi-tasking, and despite the fact that I suck at it, I still do it. I *want* to be the supervisor that when someone comes into my stateroom, I stop what I'm doing and actually focus on what they're saying. What ends up happening is that I invite them in to sit down, glance at them to get the conversation started, and then turn back to my computer and say, "Go on, I'm still listening," and sometimes only half hear what they're saying.

Yesterday, I went to the ship to take care of a bunch of stuff that's been lingering for far too long. I got there at about 0900, and walked right into an unexpected equipment casualty that involved hotel services (think water, electricity, sewage, etc), pier connections, contractors, last minute purchases, and Frankenstein fixes, where the highly effective solution was cobbled together from about three different pieces by the ingenuity of MK1 Bobby Messick and the MPA (Main Propulsion Assistant) ENG4 Andy Molnar. Needless to say, the Change of Command update meeting with ENS John Benedict, the Project Officer for CDR Randall's upcoming Change of Command on 9 Jul, ended up being delayed for half an hour (ENS Benedict was so patient), and I didn't actually start effectively working on my worklist until about 1500. SQUIRREL!!

Ok, that's enough failure stories. Usually by the end of a post, I have some insightful conclusion that wraps up my thoughts on the subject. I don't have one today. I'm happy to have written something, even if it's not my usual upbeat soliloquy. My delightfully delicious froofy coffee is almost gone. And my day started with a wonderful sunrise. Now, off to tackle today's worklist :)

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