Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Boat Floats - Again

Somehow, though I'm absolutely exhausted, I wanted to get this post out tonight. We refloated the ship today. It was freaking HOT! with Kona winds and a three foot swell from the northwest. We were supposed to start at 2 pm. I think we finally got going around 3 pm...long story.

But before we went in, we took a picture. What a great! crew! This is a classic photo for ships that have been in drydock, to have the crew standing under the transom with the ship's name visible, and if you get lucky, the flag blowing in the breeze, too.

So the evolution itself was pretty tense. The weather had its way with us. The docking contractors weren't used to working with the wind from the southwest, and we stretched some of our lines scarily tight on the way out. But we made it safely.

This is the ship still on the cradle, just about to be lowered into the slip. The wind and swell was coming from the left side of the picture, pushing us onto the slip wall on the right. It was really, really tight.

Here we're going into the water. The tug just off the stern is there to keep us off the coral rocks that are less than 15 feet away from the side of the ship. It's like bumper boats.

And then we were in the water.

That's all the pictures of the shipyard I've got. I'll try to take some during sea trials. I might be a little busy/distracted to play photographer, though.

And here's a closing pic from our team building exercise earlier in the summer. I'm including it because I think it's funny. It was the last piece of an obstacle course. Just damn funny, though.


Jane said...

05loYea!!!! Finally! Question...what are they wearing around their necks in the photo of the boat in the water? Something orange/red. Just wondering. Great post BTW

Just a Girl said...

Those orange things are their life jackets. Just another way the Coast Guard takes care of its people, by keeping them safe with personal protective equipment (PPE).

Azulao said...

Congratu-freakin-lations! Oh Girl, I hope it goes well! Holding my breath here on the mainland for you.


ps Fab pics!

JulieAnn said...

Aloha! I found your blog through cgblog.org, but my husband was stationed on the KISKA just a few years ago, and we miss Hilo so much! I hope you're enjoying it!

I hope the drydock is going well... I have lots of fun stories about that!


Just a Girl said...


I'll post more about getting underway soon, but I'm moving out of the hotel tonight...it's my first night to stay on the ship :).

Funny thing...my verification word just now is "chumin," just the thing Chief said before he tested out the sewage discharge today :)

Grins everywhere today!

Just a Girl in a Port said...

Great blog! Like your blog handle too. Of course, I'm partial to it. ;)

Cari Thomas said...

Been there done that, just about 15 years ago. You go girl. Call me if you need anything. I'm in the global.