Thursday, June 16, 2011


Sadly, this post will just be a placeholder. I have a bunch of post ideas that are brewing in my brain, but haven't really taken the time to see any of  them through to fruition. Here's a sampling:
--Gremlins...I *really* need to work on a general history, taxonomic classification system and brief exploration of culture of gremlins.
--The Patrol Boat Product Line Program Review just concluded. I took eight pages of notes...surely I have *something* to say about some of the presentations and discussions.
--When did Lieutenants start looking so young? Jeez, I only made LCDR two months ago, and I'm sure not comfortable with people shortening it to "Commander" yet.
--Howling into the wind v. providing useful feedback. This is directly related to PBPL conference thoughts, but can be much more broadly applied.
--The Fast Response Cutter. Also related to the PBPL conference since there was a good review of capabilities and support structure. But I really, really want to serve on one. There's also the broader thought-process about the rest of my career--competing priorities and squishy timelines.
--The gentle tension between engineers and operators, maintenance and mission, OPCON and PBPL. Who should win and why.
--That exploration of CG missions that I mentioned a bit ago.

Got a long plane ride tomorrow and I've got to organize my notes from the conference, so hopefully that will inspire some ponderings for the blog.

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Karen said...

I like the one on Gremlins. Good research project. Maybe you could as your nephew to help with it. It's his kind of thing.

The others are all interesting but sound a bit technical. You will be able to write them so that the rest of us can understand them and so that those in USCG don't feel like you're being patronizing or condescending.