Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Inport Snapshots

Towards the end of a longish inport, we're getting ready for patrol again. Here are a couple of snapshots from last week.

Stores upon stores upon stores stacked in the DC Flats
FS3 Cody Frizelle & SA Nate Emborski getting ready to brave the reefer
We got a *huge* order of stores in on the coldest day so far this year. It was warmer in the freezer where a lot of this stuff was going than outside on the pier. 

They eventually got it all packed away, with help from FS3 Billy Shuck and FS3 Chris Vitale over the course of a couple days.

Deck Department also built a new paint float this inport. We had a grand launching event (ok, maybe not so was just LTJG Brent Lane and SK1 Bismarck Miranda watching from the focs'le, and me taking pictures/video) one day last week. This video shows the Deckies getting ready, positioning, repositioning and using some excellent engineering principles to put the 12'x12' float in the river...without flipping it upside-down. 

BM3 Jake Rorabeck is handling the tending line in the foreground. FN Christian Sekula is holding the ship's mooring lines out of the way. ENS JD DeCastra, the First Lieutenant, is supervising (and providing the engineering expertise) off to the left. From top left corner around are: SA William Ball, SA Robert Morse, SA Avery Trombley, BMC Robert Vanlandingham (in the watch cap), SA Sean Roten and SA Ronnie Liles. You can see the Peanut Gallery...uh, I mean LTJG Lane and SK1 Miranda up on the focs'le.

Unfortunately the video of the float actually going in the water was too big and I couldn't get it posted. Needless to say, it was a great exercise in teamwork and overcoming unexpected conditions...which they did effectively and safely.

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