Friday, January 2, 2015

Intentions for 2015

I don't do New Year's Resolutions. Maybe it's a reluctance to commit; maybe it's too many yoga classes...but I'm calling some changes I want to make my Intentions for 2015.

First is to write more. Not emails, not taskers, not talking points, not OER bullets, not anything actually productive like any of those. Just write. For me. To get the noise out of my head. It doesn't have to be for the blog (would be *great* if it was). It could be emails to friends and family (ooh boy! Bet y'all can't *wait!*). Or it could just be a few words in a book of blank pages before my head crashes onto my pillow at night. But writing really does help me process my day and any challenges I'm facing. If I don't write, I have a really bad tendency of letting the hamsters in my head get on any one of a number of thought treadmills and spin round and round frantically and uselessly until they 'bout make me loopy. I've found that getting the words out helps to calm the rodents. And can give me good ideas and better approaches to problems.

My second intention is really probably the one that keeps me from calling them eat better, exercise more and maybe, just maybe drop a few (that's a few in the double digits) pounds. I can't believe there's much about the mundanity of my HQ job that I miss, but I did have a *much* better fitness routine and better eating habits while I was there...riding my bike 15 miles round-trip to and from work about two or three times a week burned a lot of calories that I'm still eating even though I'm not nearly working out that much.

I gave myself a pass during our last patrol, and worked out when I felt like a had a spare half hour, mostly on Sunday mornings while I did my laundry. And I ate what I wanted. Including desserts twice a day if they were available (mentally, I replace beer with sweets underway). I have been putting the hamsters in my head to work trying to figure out why I can't help but eat, eat, eat all the time, especially on the ship. I'm usually the first person in the wardroom for meals. Seriously.

One thought I came up with is that when we were kids, Mom used to make my sister and me clean our plate before we got dessert. If we didn't finish our dinner, no treats. So, I am programmed to eat all the food on my plate. Combine this with portion sizes onboard that are scooped for 20-25 year old young men with the metabolism of grasshoppers, and I don't think I'm being particularly well set up for easy success with portion control. So my first stop needs to be the salad I can cover 1/2 to 2/3s of my plate with salad, and leave just a small, barely there space of plate for the main dish. Seemed to work ok with today's lunch of delicious chicken and seafood gumbo. At least the plates are not giant-sized.

Third is to do more good stuff with my money. That may mean saving; that may mean investing; and that may mean spending. I have enough disposable money, though, that I want to be conscious of where it goes, instead of just sending it away without some measure of thoughtfulness and consideration.

Three is a nice round number of intentions. I'm excited about many possibilities :)

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