Sunday, February 26, 2017

Derby Weekend

This weekend ended up being just what I thought it would be...a total Derby weekend. Yesterday was the DC Rollergirls Season Opener. I went to volunteer, and stayed for a few minutes of the second, full match. So many people, so much fun, awesome! half time show by Batala!

And today was Boot Camp and Open Tryouts. I've been going to Boot Camp for a couple months now...since probably mid-October, maybe? I've missed a few weeks here and there, and December was a pretty light month because of the holidays. And I hadn't really been on roller skates since I was a terror at the Church Skate Nights when I was like, ten. My learning curve was steep.

I made the FREAKING TEAM!!!! And I feel Really. Freaking. Good about it! 

Now I'm going to do something that feels *very* out of character...I'm going to uh, brag.

Here's why: I'm 43 years old. There are any *number* of reasons why it's harder now.
--  Learning any new physical skill at this point in life isn't easy. I know...I tried to learn how to snowboard about half a dozen times over the last five years...and I still suck at it. I have since stopped trying and defaulted back to skiing so I can actually enjoy my limited time on the mountain. 

-- And it hurts. My legs ache right now. My left ankle is cranky, my thighs are gonna cramp up on me later when I'm sitting in my chair watching a movie despite all the stretching I've done and water I've drank, my hips are stupid tight, and my shins have splints. The first Tuesday after my first boot camp class, I could barely walk down stairs. Sitting down was torture. Thankfully the pain hasn't been quite so intense since that first week, but skating definitely uses muscles that aren't used by any other activity...and they make themselves loudly known. And falling...well, falling doesn't probably hurt any more now, but it definitely takes me longer to recover afterwards.

-- The other Boot Campers are, at the oldest, in their early 30s. Some are in their early 20s. They have resiliency that I don't. (I mean, I have knowledge and experience they don't, so there's a certain trade off). I'm not sure it's such a stretch for them to go out and learn new's just the phase of life they're in. It was challenging for me to admit I wasn't going to be immediately awesome at this new thing (even though I had no reason to *expect* to be awesome), and still go do it anyway. I feel like I've lost the ability to not be good at something...or maybe that my recent experiences are based in things I already know how to do, so even if they're challenging, they're not completely new, and I can just rely on my instincts, instead of having to figure out each time how to react. 

-- Derby is very physical, and I can still **totally** hang with the younger crowd. I am strong, my core strength is great, I have endurance, my derby stance comes almost naturally. So maybe wondering whether those flight deck workouts were gonna kill me or make me stronger finally has an answer.

I'm just plain proud of myself. 

Or, maybe I'm just being a whiny little bee-yotch, thinking that everything should come easy to me. It's kinda hard to tell sometimes.

I'm not entirely sure what the next step is. We're supposed to get an email with more admin information. And I need a derby name. I was gonna use CDR Grayhem (like Mayhem, but Gray... well, for the obvious reasons), but there are already a couple Mayhem's in the group, and I didn't want to add any confusion. Keel-haulher and Ancient Scare-iner are options, but I'm not totally in love with those. Any suggestions???


Anonymous said...

Boast Guard?

Just a Girl said...

I like it!

I think I'm going with Snarley David.

Charlotte said...

I meant Snarley Davidson. Damn autocorrect.