Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Restart Required

So I made it through Monday with no troubles. Mostly because I made a massive batch of oatmeal on Sunday, and my very most favorite stove-top mac and cheese to see me through a few days. I was a little peckish about 3 pm, but dove back into the stunningly interesting issue paper on operational metrics I was writing, and forgot all about snacks until it was time to leave. Which meant that I was maniacally starving when I got home after physical therapy at 7:30. I slapped together a bit of a small block of Colby-Jack cheese left over from the mac and cheese, with some corn tortillas that have been lingering in the fridge since...um, I'm embarrassed to admit I don't know, but it's probably been about four months. No mold...they're still good. And opened a can of black beans. Wha-la! Quesadilla and beans for dinner. And apple pie for dessert.

The plan was pretty much the same for today. I ran to work, taking advantage of the relatively mild weather. Ate my oatmeal before I put my uniform on...so I'd *have* the energy to put my uniform on, and dove back into the next thrilling project on my task list: a strategic narrative about crew rotational concept (first draft complete, but I'm not sure it's even in English anymore after all the times I've read it). Leftover mac and cheese for lunch, as late as I could wait at about 11:45. And then the inevitable munchies at about 2 pm. It was a gorgeous afternoon out, so I made the quick walk up to the Exchange to see if they had some plain nuts, and picked up some dry cleaning. I thought I found just the thing...dry roasted peanuts, 2 for $1. I read the back of the package; "Contains: Peanuts." Oh, thank goodness, those will work perfectly.

Until I got back to my desk and opened them about 15 minutes later, and thought, hmm, those look like they have some...something on them. Yep, turns out I had read the allergy alert instead of the ingredients list. The peanuts had a whole *list* of ingredients. Foiled! So much for just peanuts. I ate them anyway...I mean, the package was opened. I didn't want to waste them. And I was peckish. And bored.

But that means I'm starting my 30 day clock over again. At least I only lost one day, while learning a valuable lesson about reading the entire! package. I put in an order with Nuts.com today...acceptable mixed nuts will be here tomorrow. As will my restock of walnuts, pecans, whole white wheat flour, oatmeal (I caved and am allowing oatmeal, but rolled oats, not that quick oats nonsense), and chia seeds.

I have two more days of mac and cheese left for lunch. I need to figure out what to do for lunch on Friday before Friday gets here.

And thanks, all, for the warm welcome back. Tons of love from my Facebook share, and ooh, all the comments from my last post were wonderful to read.


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