Friday, May 7, 2010

CG Cuttermen's Association

I almost forgot...posts don't have to be convoluted and long-winded.

I got forwarded a link a few days ago for the newly established Coast Guard Cuttermen's Organization, and wanted to help get the word out. I'll be sending in my membership dues shortly, though I am disappointed to miss the Cuttermen's Call by just a few days. I'll be in DC for a while...I should be able to make one or two others.

If I was more tech-savvy, I'll put a picture of a cutterman's pin in the post too.


JulieAnn said...


Just wondering, did you go to the Merrie Monarch festival?

Also, do you know if there are extra KISKA tshirts?

Just a Girl said...

Julie Ann,

I wasn't able to make it to any of the Merrie Monarch events. By the time I realized tickets were going to be hard to get, they were *impossible* to find. I watched some on tv, though.

As for KISKA t-shirts, we should be putting an order in soon to prep for transfer season. Let me know what size(s) you would like and I can bring them with me to DC this summer.