Monday, May 17, 2010

Change She Is A-Comin'

I'm in the Maui airport right now, headed to the mainland for a few days. First to DC to look for a place to live and visit the U of MD campus, then to outside of LA to see my sister and brother-in-law and buy a motorcycle for my cross-country trip later this summer.

When I get back, things are gonna be different, and they're not gonna stop being different until I get settled into my new place on the East Coast. At the end of August. It kinda hit me yesterday that change is coming, and coming soon.

The last time I felt something close to this was 13 January 2006. Yes, I remember the date. It was kinda the last time things were even close to settled and normal for me. I had just moved into a great new house in a wonderful neighborhood in Waialua on the North Shore of Oahu. I was enjoying my job at the D14 Command Center as a SAR Controller. And then the phone rang.

It was my mom with some scary news about a health issue she was having. Within the week, I was in Virginia helping her to recover from surgery. Two days after I got back from that trip, I got a mid-morning call from the Afloat Detailer congratulating me on my orders to HAMILTON as OPS (whole 'nother story about why I got *that* call). I was off to POPS school two weeks later, then another month or so of work, some leave, and away to San Diego I went.

The in-between three years have been a blur. With good and happy memories, rough times and tough challenges. But a blur of schedules and trips and patrols and schools and training and flights and coming and going.

If there ever is one constant in the Coast Guard, it's change. That and the fact that nothing is really certain in life in the Coast Guard until it actually happens.

When I get back to Hawaii after this trip, it'll be the beginning of transfer season. It already sort of started this morning, with XO's promotion to LT. MKC Tarker and EMC Peltier stapled Frank's LT bars on, while I fumbled with the pin on his cover. Congratulations, XO!
I know he's excited to send out the CO's leave message with, "LT Frank M. Reed III, Acting."
About transfer season: EMC Peltier is the first to leave...the day I get back. The next day, the new XO shows up, and the day after, the new MKC. Which means that Frank and Greg will be headed out. By the time BM1 O'Brien and MK3 Collado leave in mid-June, I'll have just over a month left onboard...I've been underway straight for more days than that.
So, ready or not, change she is a-coming.

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Just a Girl said...

While I was sitting at the airport in Maui, delayed because the plane was broken, I shared this text exchange with the XO:

XO: I meant to congratulate you on 1 year of KISKA command :) (how very kind of him to remember)

me: Thanks-eng problems still plaguing me. A/C (air craft) broken in Maui. Waiting for parts from Hono (Honolulu). At least I'm used to it.

XO: Guffaw

I laughed out loud at the "guffaw." And then waited another four hours for the plane to take off.