Sunday, October 11, 2015

First Day Back

I'm not really sure what I did today, but somehow it's nearly 8 pm and dark out. I definitely made time for some of my favorite things...lingering over froofy coffee at a breakfast of homemade oatmeal with dried fruits and nuts mixed in. Walking through an art market in downtown Wilmington. Reading a book while sprawled on my couch. Browsing at a garden center, and coming home to put all my new plants in the ground. The backyard has a new fig tree, the side garden has a stevia plant and a few rainbow chards scattered about, and the porch planters are prolific with pansies. Lunch was a decadent affair -- garlic knots, pizza with pancetta, arugula (arooooogula), and fresh tomatoes -- lingered over with a cocktail.

I had some chores to do also. Bills to pay, business to attend to (like filling out all the obnoxious paperwork to replace my phone that I dropped on the asphalt a couple weeks before we left), dishes to wash, and yard accouterments to put back in their place after Juaquin didn't make an appearance in NC. And antibiotics to give to Lucy. We're going to fight over her taking her pills for another two and a half days. If the only frustration she gives me is that she doesn't take pills well, I have a very sweet kitty. She even forgave me quickly and started to purr after I shoved the last one down her throat with the kitty pill popper. Oh, and she chews my ear bud cords when I leave them out, which is really my fault because I should know better.

So all in all a great first day back. I'm following CO's orders to get some rest and charging my batteries before we get back into workdays later this week. I keep forgetting it's Sunday, though. It feels like a Saturday, especially since tomorrow is a holiday too. Maybe I'll figure out what day it is by Friday.

I will get to responding to all the emails of encouragement I got over the last six weeks. Just not tonight. I've spent enough time on the computer today.

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