Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Grumpy Pants

I've had my grumpy pants on all day long. They're tight in all the wrong places, and baggy in worse ones. They itch. And the zipper's broke, so I can't figure out how to get the damn things off.

For me, I think being grumpy is one of the worst conditions I can be as a leader. I like being pleasant, happy even. It makes it easier for people to come talk to me, even if they have bad news. I know I have a tendency to fly off the handle sometimes (usually) when something goes wrong or annoys me. So when I have my grumpy pants on, I fly higher and faster off that handle and tend to regret it later. Knowing that it happens can sometimes allay some of the effects, especially if I know something is going to tweak me. Like MPA joking at lunch about family separation allowance (FSA) -- I *knew* he was trying to get a reaction from me, and I did my very, very, very best not to let him. I squeaked instead of roared.

I also know that being grumpy sometimes is kinda inevitable. It happens. How do you know the highs if you don't have any lows? No rain, no rainbows. Being hangry typically plays a large part in my grumpiness. I'll sometimes let myself wallow in it for a couple hours, then get fed up (or just eat something) and bored with being grumpy and chivy myself out of it. We've had a fast and furious day today, so I haven't really had time to reflect on being over my grumpiness, so it's been lingering. Like a noxious fart in a stuffy room.

It's not fair for me to keep being grumpy on the ship, especially underway. The quarters are too close. People *have to* come talk to me. We're all in the same boat (literally), and while I have a ton of reasons for being grumpy, so does everyone else. They're not grumpy, why should I be?

Tomorrow's a brand new day. All kinds of possibilities for good and bad stuff to happen. Here's hoping the good stuff well out-weighs the bad...

LCDR Charlotte Mundy
Executive Officer

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