Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Lingering Effects of Scattered Thunderstorms

We rode through some scattered thunderstorms last night. The wind picked up quickly and rain pelted down like a bucket was overturned. 

I woke up at about 2330 (or 11:30 pm) wondering why it felt like I was riding a bucking bronco, and why there were ghosts in my stateroom rattling their chains. It took me a few minutes to come out of my sleep-laden mental fog to realize that we had run into some weather. I lay there for a few minutes thinking maybe the chain rattling would go away. But it didn't.

I called the bridge and asked them to send the BMOW down to where we store the secondary tie downs for the helo. They're metal chains with hooks on the end that we use to secure the helo on deck when we're not expecting to use it for a while. But when we don't have a helo onboard at all, they live hanging up in a space that is on the other side of a 1/8th inch thick metal bulkhead from my stateroom. They don't usually clang around; we have to be pitching in just the right way for them to start making noise. And they weren't consistently making noise last night -- just enough to keep me from getting used to it and being able to fall back asleep.

The BMOW, HS2 T.W., made his way outside -- I think it was probably during a downpour, but I didn't realize that at the time. And worked some magic to stop the chains from clanking. 

But the ride was still rough. Or at least a different kind of rough than we've mostly been used to this patrol. We've had a lot of days in the trough; last night we were pitching up and down. It's a very different sensation. And it stayed rough on and off throughout the night, until about 5 am.

Most people I talked to today experienced the same lack of sleep. I got great descriptions of the various positions people woke up in, trying to keep themselves in their racks. 

But now, I'm a little more worn out than I really should be at 1830. I'm looking forward to an early night tonight.

LCDR Charlotte Mundy
Executive Officer

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