Friday, February 19, 2016


I wish I had something profound for today. Even something moderately
interesting. Once again, I find myself wanting to tell the story about
today, but being constrained by OPSEC concerns. It's not an unusual day, but
I don't think giving details about what we've done today is a good idea. 

So mundanities -- the bits of mundane-ness that make up our days. The
weather is blowing pretty good today, about 20 to 25 knots. Made our
operations today that much more challenging with the wind. With some good
skill and communications by the watchstanders, we safely accomplished what
we set out to do. 

Computers are still being a pain. It's so torturous to want to get work done
and be completely stymied by an internet connection that loads a new page
every 60 seconds. I want to be more productive, but a huge portion of my
work is online, so I'm forced to be completely be unproductive if I want to
get anything done at all. Does that even make sense?!?

Oh, and we had a pelican visit us on the fo'clse this morning. The QMOW
called me to let me know it was there, because he and the OOD thought I'd
like to know. That made me smile. So I went up to the bridge to take a look.
Yup, sitting proudly right there on the starboard vent to the laundry room,
was a big, beautiful pelican, feet splayed for stability, with his enormous
beak tucked against his chest. He hung out for a few minutes until folks
came out onto the fo'csle to get ready for our next evolution. Then he flew
placidly away, and took a great big dump about 200 yards off the bow. At
least he was polite enough to wait until he was off our deck.

LCDR Charlotte Mundy
Executive Officer

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