Saturday, September 26, 2015

No Sugar Days

I added a new goal to my patrol goal tracker. "No Sugar Days" during which I try to not eat any processed sugar. Honey and stevia don't count; I can eat those.

I started with this one pretty late in the patrol, and have five "sugar" days that I can sprinkle throughout the remainder of the patrol if I want to keep equal numbers of "sugar" and "no sugar" days. I'm on a six day "no sugar" streak right now. 

It's hard to do. The cooks make tasty looking desserts. I caved early on in trying to do this because of cannolis. I mean, it's almost inhuman to be asked to give up homemade cannolis. 

And candy is ubiquitous in the wardroom. The Wardroom Mess Treasurer, ENS J.B. says he budgets $300 per patrol for snacks. He tries to make some of them healthy snacks, like pretzels and nut mixes. But he also caves to popular pressure and buys candy. I didn't help my own cause any when we last stopped in GTMO. They had Halloween candy on display and I stocked up for the wardroom. I couldn't pass up the candy corn, hot tamales, and chocolate body parts (peanut butter ears, crunchy chocolate toes).

EO thinks it's bad for me. He says I'm a nicer person if I eat sugar. I think he may be mistaking eating sugar for just eating anything -- I admit to being hangry sometimes.

And part of me just laughs at the distractions I use to keep my mind busy while we're underway. 
LCDR Charlotte Mundy
Executive Officer

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