Thursday, September 24, 2015


Congratulations to each of the LCDRs selected by the subject board! Competition was likely very fierce, and you each undoubtedly earned your selection. Those of you who weren't selected still work incredibly hard at difficult jobs. My sincerest hope is that you compete successfully for promotion next year. I feel blessed that I was among the 176 LCDRs selected to make O5.

I received a number of great emails about this message today, including "They know not what they do" and "Brace yourselves...detailers are coming." And I got emails from a slew of folks that I was delighted, if a little surprised, to hear from. Surprised because we had either limited interactions, or interactions a long, long time ago. I think that's part of the beauty of the smallness of the Coast Guard, though -- people remember and reach out.

It would be great for me to go into some full blown discussion of zones and opportunities for selection and above zone and reordering and promotion years and how long I think it'll take to actually pin on CDR based on my ranking and...whoosh, I'm tired just saying all that stuff. And CG-12A does a much better job of explaining the technicalities anyway. Just read their Officer Corps Management Plan on their Officer Management Sharepoint site if you want the details.

One of the great things about all the congratulatory emails is getting the ones from people who mentored me along the way. I've gotten emails from former COs and mentors who knew me as a brand new LTJG and young LT. It's given me a chance to thank them for their guidance and leadership. And as I said to my family when I emailed them the news, "Thank you all so very much for the love and encouragement over the years. It's only with your support that I've been able to do this and that it means much of anything at all."

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