Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Trough

The weather hasn't been the best these last few days. Winds are varying between 18 and 26 knots, which has kicked up the seas and swells to 3 and 5 to 7 feet respectively.

We took a pretty spectacular roll yesterday of about 15 degrees to starboard. My stateroom was not secure for sea -- there was plenty of "gear adrift" to get underway and go flying around. Thankfully no permanent damage was done. I have a box of stevia packets for my morning tea sitting on the shelf above the couch in my stateroom, that must have done a cartwheel down to the floor as it showered all the little green packets over the floor like leprechaun confetti. Half the files and papers tipped out of the file holder on my desk. My cup full of coins spilled too. I had about six people tell me my stateroom wasn't secure for sea before I got a chance to clean it up.

At least I wasn't sitting on the stability ball I use as a chair at my desk, without bracing myself, and then trying to grab on to the desk which isn't bolted to the deck or bulkhead for something to hold on to. I did that last patrol...and then spent the next 10 minutes levering my desk, and computer accessories, and files, and most of the contents of all the drawers off of me and back into said desk. My computer harddrive and monitor are velcroed to the desktop, preventing them from sliding off.

We've all been telling stories about almost falling out of racks throughout the night as the ship rolls from side to side. Everyone seems to have their own unique method for wedging, tacoing, nestling, cocooning, bracing themselves in their rack. The most creative includes using boots underneath the mattress to create a lift on the outer edge of the mattress that naturally rolls the body down towards the inside/back wall.

Showering and putting pants on in the trough can also be an adventure in balancing. I'm smart enough to sit down to put my boots on.

There were some spectacular crashes in the galley this morning when I got up for watch. I'm not sure what wasn't tied down, but somehow it didn't stop the cooks from making some amazing "smothered pork chops" for dinner tonight!

We'll be out of the weather eventually. Or it will settle down on its own. Until then, we live by the mantra of "One hand for you, one hand for the ship."

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