Sunday, January 17, 2016

Not Much to Say

Not much to say tonight. It was a day. We had a guest onboard for a few
hours this morning, but it didn't stop me from making sure we got a field
day done, just like any other Saturday morning. 

The weather has been decent today -- we actually saw the sun for the first
time in about five days. But we expect it to deteriorate quickly tomorrow as
a low pressure system moves through the area. I hope we can get a couple
evolutions wrapped up early in the day before it turns totally nasty. 

I sat in on the afternoon session of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace
University, Military Edition. Figure there's something I can learn from him.
We have ten young guys taking the class right now. If we can start them off
with good money habits now, there's a good chance the lessons will stick
with them for a long time with big payoffs as they approach retirement. I am
heartened by the number of crewmembers who have said they've signed up for
TSP (Thrift Savings Plan, the federal government's equivalent of a 401K) in
the last couple of days since MPA and I did a little education session on
the modernized military retirement system. I totally geeked out on it when
the message came out about that! It's such a wonderful opportunity for the
majority of military members, especially the ones who don't stay for 20
years. But misunderstandings abounded about it; hopefully I cleared up some
misconceptions. And if a dozen people signed up for TSP afterwards, all the

It was Officers' Pizza Night for dinner, where the officers all pitched in
to make pizza for the crew (with the help of FS2 CV -- we wouldn't have
found anything or known what to do in the galley without his help). But the
galley's a little tight for 12 people, so I took over the scullery and did a
lot of dishes tonight. 

And after dinner, I've been reviewing OER input and CART (Command Assessment
of Readiness for Training) checklists. And reading a few Dave Ramsey

Yep, rockin Saturday night.

LCDR Charlotte Mundy
Executive Officer

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