Thursday, January 21, 2016


At least a couple. Not sure how many I can get off the ship at any one time.
Hopefully they'll have good enough resolution.

The "boat circles" picture has a little bit of DILIGENCE in the far left
corner, four small boats circling in the middle, and two Fast Response
Cutters (FRCs) on the right. We were transferring about 100 people among the
three cutters, using all four small boats. Two small boats are from
DILIGENCE and the other two are from the respective FRCs.
The "sister ship" picture is one of our sister ships who we took over for
when we got to the area. Nice air coverage from a C-130 up high.
The "transfer at sunset" picture is a beautiful shot of an FRC. We were
doing a personnel transfer with them. It was a beautiful evening, though the
seas were a little googly to be truly comfortable for small boat operations.
We safely transferred nearly two dozen folks though.
LCDR Charlotte Mundy
Executive Officer

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